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Welcome to the "Stop Aquatic Hitchhiker!" Resources section. Here you'll find various marketing materials designed to increase your awareness about the aquatic hitchhiker problem and to empower you and your audiences to become part of the solution in preventing the spread of these nuisance species. We're confident that by working together we can accomplish our mutual goals and assure the long-term use and health of our aquatic resources.

Listed below are materials specific to the campaign as well as links to additional support materials and other Web sites that can help you understand the magnitude of this problem. Review these materials and go to the Activities section to find a list of ideas for using the resources. If you are interested in acquiring any of these materials, please contact us for ordering information.
Campaign Materials
  • National & Regional Information Resources & Ordering Information - This is a great link that takes you to the Web site of National ANS Task Force's Great Lakes Regional Panel. At this site, you can access a comprehensive inventory of educational materials that addresses the broad aquatic hitchhiker problem and more specific information about certain species. As part of this inventory, the Great Lakes Panel has included ordering information to help you acquire these materials.
Links to Other Related Web Sites
State Fish and Wildlife Agency Web Sites

Intergovernmental Coordinating Organizations

Federal Resource Agencies and Programs Addressing Aquatic Hitchhikers

Conservation / Recreation Organizations

Regional Fishery Commissions

Other Organizations and Web Sites Addressing Aquatic Hitchhikers

Communicating Effectively About ANS Issues
  • Learn to Communicate More Effectively on ANS Issues!
    Learn from the work and experience of others! The Fisheries and Water Policy Committee of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) was awarded a Multi-state Conservation Grant for a 3-year project to help address ANS communications issues. This project involved multiple partners including AFWA, the four regional associations, four pilot state fish and wildlife agencies, their respective in-state and regional partners, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The project is now complete and this electronic resource contains a wealth of information, recommendations, and resources that states and their partners can use to communicate more effectively on ANS issues.
  • What you'll find:
    1. Comprehensive Communication Strategies. You'll find information on how Arizona, Missouri, New Hampshire and South Carolina fish and wildlife agencies increased their capacity to address ANS issues through development of comprehensive communications strategies. You will also find communication strategies/plans and evaluation tools that you can use as templates and ideas to develop your own strategies.
    2. Strategies for effective responses. You'll find information on how regional associations and AFWA developed a stronger voice and greater capabilities when addressing regional and national ANS regulation and enforcement issues. You'll find information on how to create a more effective response for dealing with aquatic invasive species.
  • Download the report now!

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The Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers web site is part of the ANS Task Force public
awareness campaign and is sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Common Hitchhikers

Zebra Mussels
Whirling Disease
Spiny Water Fleas
Round Gobies
Water Hyacinth

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Asian Carp in the Upper Mississippi River
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Round Goby
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